Easy Evil Eye Glove

Pattern: Easy Evil Eye Glove


I loved being a part of Krista Suh’s Pussy Hay Project and got very excited when she announced her Sea of Eyes project for the March for Our Lives on 3/24/18. The project consists of making fingerless gloves with an evil eye on the palm. To learn more about Krista’s project check out the website: http://kristasuh.com/evil-eye-glove/

Most of the patterns currently available on Ravelry are worked in the round at some point. This has a tendency to make the glove less stretchy width wise and can cause tightness at the wrist. I have designed my pattern to be worked as a rectangle in ribbed single crochet. This allows the gloves to stretch easily and accommodate different hand sizes, which make it perfect for donating. Also it is less intimidating for beginners as it is a rectangle that is just folded in half.

This pattern is designed to fit an adults hand and is written for two different lengths (short is 7″ and long is 8.5″).  The width is 4″, folded in half laying flat. However you can easily adjust your stitch and row count to accommodate your gauge and different had sizes.


This pattern page includes the instructions for the glove and the small evil eye applique. A photo tutorial of the applique pattern is here: Small Evil Eye Applique

Gauge: The gauge is not extremely important as you can add more stiches or rows if your stitches are tighter. I tend to crochet loose and my gauge was about 5 stitches and 3 rows for a 1″ by 1″ square.


Size H crochet hook

Size G crochet hook

About 100 yards of worsted weight yarn. The long pair is made in Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Carmel Heather. The short pair is made from some loosely spun brown wool from my stash (I think it is Lamb’s Pride but I don’t know the type).

Small amount of worsted weight yarn in black, white , and any color for the eye. For these pictures I used Lily cotton in black and white and a small amount of Caron Simply Soft in light blue.

Needle for sewing in ends


Glove: Make 2

The stitch counts for the short pair are written first and the longer style is in bold. This pattern is written in standard American Crochet Terms.

Using size H crochet hook

Chain 25 (Chain 35) Turn (chain 1 throughout)

Row 1: Single Crochet (sc) across. (25 sc) (35 sc) Turn

Row 2: In back loops only (BLO) sc across. (25 sc) (35 sc) Turn

Rows 3-24: Repeat Row 2.

Sewing together: I prefer sewing the side with a slip stitch however you can end the row and use the mattress stitch if you wish.

Fold the rectangle in half long ways (hotdog style) so that Row 24 meets the chain row. Chain 1 and using the slip stitch (slst) join together the sides for 13 stitches (23 stitches).

In the next 7 stitches slst only in the chain row side. This is the thumb hole.

Slst the two sides together for the remaining 5 stitches. Bind off or add the optional edging.

Optional edging: After the last slst chain 1 and rotate the glove so you are working the top side. Working in the round work 2 sc into each stitch. (48 sc total) Bind off. You can also add the edging to the bottom if you wish.


Evil Eye: Make 2

Using size G crochet hook

Round 1: With black yarn make a magic circle and work 6 single crochet (sc) stitches into circle. Switch to eye colored yarn in last stitch.

Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch around change to white yarn in last stitch. (12 sc total)

Round 3: *2 sc in in 1st stitch, 1 sc into the next st* Repeat * to * around. (18 sc total)

Round 4: *1 slit stitch (slst) into each of the next 2 stitches. 1 sc into the next stitch. 1 half double crochet (hdc) into the next stitch. 1 double crochet (dc) into the next stitch. Chain 2 and then dc into the same stitch. (this will create a peak). 1 hdc into the next stitch. 1 sc into the next stitch. 1 slst into each of the next 2 stitches.* Repeat * to * once more. Switch to black yarn for optional round 5.

Optional Round 5: Sc in each stitch around, including the chain spaces. 24 sc total. Leave a long tail for sewing applique onto item.

Using the long yarn tail sew the applique onto the glove using the yarn needle. It helps to place the glove on your hand 1st to find the right place for the eye and then stitch it on.

Weave in ends.

20180309_182925.jpg                                                                    20180309_182909.jpg

Please contact me with any questions.

As always this pattern is available for free and is to NOT BE RESOLD. You are free to sell items made from this pattern. I just ask that you please state the pattern’s source.

Happy Hooking!!!






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