Pattern: Preemie Fashion Booties


With these cute and fashionable booties any baby can be the most stylish in the NICU. These preemie baby booties were originally designed for a co-worker who wanted crochet Ugg like booties for twin girls her friend was expecting. The babies were born several weeks early (and are now healthy) but being preemies meant the booties needed to be tiny. So I went to work creating a pattern that would be cute and fit their tiny feet.

Preemie Fashion Booties

You will need:

Size F hook

Small amount (less than 50 yds) of worsted weight yarn for the sole and body. I used Vanna’s Complement Yarn in Pink Poodle and Eggplant for the soles, and Red Heart Classic in Coffee for the body of the shoe.

Smaller amount (less than 10 yds) of plush, furry, or fuzzy yarn for the top of the booties. I ues Bernat’s Harmony in Classic White for the top of the shoes.

Stitch Marker (optional)

The finished booties are approximately 2.5″ in length, 1″ in width, and 2.5″ in height. They were designed to fit a 3-4 pound baby. The yarn and stitches will give them some stretch. To make a little bigger you can try using a larger hook.

Note: This pattern is written in standard US crochet terms and there are no turning chains or stitches between rows, Except at the beginning of round 7.


Sole Color

Round 1: Chain 7. Work 5 single crochet (sc) in the 2nd chain (ch) from hook. Sc in next 4 chs, 5 sc in last ch. Working back down the ch 4 sc across on the open loops. (18 stitches total)

Round 2: 2 sc in the first stitch, sc, 2 sc, sc, 2 sc, sc in the next 4 st, 2 sc, sc, 2 sc, sc, 2 sc, sc in next 4 stitches. (24 stitches total) Change to boot color.

Round 3: Sc around in each stitch. (24 st)

Round 4: Sc, single crochet decrease (sc dec), sc, sc dec, sc, sc dec, sc in nect 11 sts, sc dec, sc dec. (19 stitches total)

Round 5: Sc, sc dec, sc, dec sc, sc, sc dec, sc in nect 5 stitches, dec sc, sc, dec sc (14 stitches total)

Round 6: Sc around (14)

Round 7: ch 2, dec in each stitch around. (13 dc and ch 2)

Rounds 8 & 9: Dec around (14 dc) change color to w20170120_143349hite

Round 10: Sc around 14 sc

Weave in ends.



Happy Hooking!

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