What’s up PussyHat?


Here I am modeling one of the Pussy Hats I crocheted for the Women’s March on Washington.

Today is Januruary 14th, 2017. In 6 days the United States will have a new president. In 7 days thousands of women (and men) will march in Washington, DC to bring attention to women’s issues and equal right for all people.
Go to the women’s march website for more information or to find a local march near you. https://www.womensmarch.com/

The PussyHat project is aimed at collecting hand knit, crocheted and sewn pink cat hats for all of the marchers. The project’s goal is to connect those who could not attend the march with the marchers and make a “unique collective visual statement”. I am super excited about this project because it allows me to help those attending the march while sharing my mad crochet skills. I would love to attend the march but that is not a possibility so I am supporting it in my own way. So far I have made and sent out 8 hats to friends (and friends of friends) who will be at the march. Once I receive pictures from my friends at the march I will share those too.

If you would like more information on the project of how to make hats you can click on the link below.

20170112_212746 20170112_212456

Today is the deadline to mail in hats but there is still time to make them and send with a marcher. Or to mail them to someone in the DC area.

For those like me who can’t attend you can crochet a hat in solidarity. I will be posting a free pattern soon for a crocheted Pussyhat.

Happy Hooking!!!


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