Pattern: #MeToo Hat


Over the last several months the #MeToo movement has gained in popularity and with the Pussy Hat movement still strong I have decided to combine my patterns to create a statement hat is support of the movement.

This pattern features a section of color work that can be worked in a variety of ways. To be honest color work is not my favorite and I am not very experience with it. The stitch section can also be worked in the fair-aisle method. I have provided the stitch graph and it can easily be adjusted for different hat sizes and yarn weights.

You will need:
Size J hook
Approximately 120 yards of worsted weight yarn in color A and approximately 50 yds in a contrasting color B. I used  Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Baby Pink and Black.

This hat measures approximately 19″ in circumference and 8″ in length.

This pattern is written in standard US crochet terms.

Stitch Abbreviations:
SC – Single Crochet
CH – Chain Stitch
BLO – Back Loops Only (Work the stitch in only the back loops of the row below)


With Color A Chain 11
Row 1: Turn and sc in 2nd chain and sc across (10 sc) turn
Row 2: Sc in BLO across. Turn (10 sc)
Row 3 to 50: Repeat row 2
Without twisting join end of strip together and join using single crochet. Check to see if the hat band fits at this point. If not you can make the band longer before sewing the ends together.
Round 1: Working on the side of the rib strip, work 60 sc stiches around. Don’t join or turn (If you added more rows to the band you will need to work more stitches in the round. I recommend adding 12-15 stitches to the number of rows worked)
Rounds 2 – 4: Sc in each sc in round. (60 sc)
Round 5- 19: Sc 16 in color A then work the 1st round of the chart using color B, then finish with 16 Sc in Color A.
Round 20-26: Repeat round 2


Crochet graph for hat. The white cells are for color A and the grey cells are for color B.

Fold the top of the hat in half and sew across. You can use either slip stitches, single crochet or mattress stitch.
Weave in ends.

Please contact me with any questions or issue you have with this pattern. You are free to sell items made from this pattern just note the source of this original pattern. The pattern is not to be resold.
Happy Hooking!!!

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