Patchwork Mystery CAL: Week By Week

The Patchwork Mystery Crochet Along has officially started and here are links and information for each square as they are released. I have also included my versions of the square for each week.

For more information on the Crochet Along Check out the Facebook Group

Week 1: Star Portal Square from Crochet Instinct

Star Portal Square Pattern

Crochet Instinct Blog      Crochet Instinct on Facebook    Crochet Instinct on Instagram

I am very familiar working with post stitched but I have never worked with double triple crochet stitches. Stephanie explains the stitches very well in her pattern and there is also a step by step video available by Sammi from Hook, Wine, and Stitches.


  No photo description available.

I made 2 versions of the square. The first uses 3 colors and was worked as written in the pattern. The second uses 2 colors, one for the main stitches and on for the post stitch sections.







Week 2: Cornered Cable Square from Crochet Anything (me)

Click here for all of information for Week 2

Week 3: Twisted Times Square from Made with Love & Yarn

Her design features a flower center and X Post Stitches to create a stunning design.

twisted times1

Twisted Times Pattern on Blog                    Twisted Times Pattern on Ravelry

Made with Love & Yarn Blog

Made with Love & Yarn on Facebook

Made with Love & Yarn on Instagram

twisted times2

Twisted Times Pattern on Blog

Twisted Times Pattern on Ravelry

This design also features some special stitches to give a unique texture. The twisted increase stitch is a unique way to add in a stitch. This creates a interesting yet subtle texture to your increase stitches.

I loved making square, and there are are a few tricky spots. But take your time and watch this video from Sammie at Hook, Wine & Stitches.

Here are my versions of this week’s square:










Week 4: Lana Blossom Square from Sunset Knots

No photo description available.

Lana Blossom Square Pattern

Sunset Knots Blog                  Sunset Knots on Facebook         Sunset Knots on Instagram

This week’s pattern features traditional granny square and cluster stitches to create a floral motif. My version of the square uses 4 colors including non-traditionally floral, brown and blue.



Week 5: Pasha Square from Shelby Shea’s Stitches

No photo description available.  Image may contain: indoor

Pasha Square Pattern

Shelby Shea’s Stitches Blog    Shelby Shea Stitches on Facebook

Shelby Shea’s Instagram

The Pasha Square features the bean stitched worked in opposite directions to create an interesting texture. I chose to make my square in 2 colors but I love how it looks in solid or multiple colors.


Week 6: Garden Gate Square from Tangerine Door Creations

Image may contain: indoor

Garden Gate Square Pattern

Tangerine Door Blog     Tangerine Door on Facebook   Tangerine Door on Ravelry

No photo description available.

The garden gate square features a central flower  and various textured stitches. I made this square using 2 colors but I think I looks amazing in 3 or 4 more colors. 20190623_121625.jpg


Week 7: Fairy Wing Flower Square from Journey Chanel Designs

No photo description available.

Fairy Wing Flower Square Pattern

Journey Channel Design’s Blog    Journey Channel Designs on Facebook

Journey Channel Designs on Instagram

This square includes a central flower and jacob ladder looped stitches for a magical design. I think a blanket made of these squares with the looped stitches in a contrasting colors would look really cool. My square is made with 3 color and the central flower looks like it is sprouting from a garden.


Week 8: Spring Pathways Square from Crochetaladia

No photo description available.

Spring Pathways Pattern             Photo Tutorial

Crochet-al-adia on Instagram

Crochet-at-aladia on Ravlery

No photo description available.

This might be one of the more challenging squares in this CAL. The Spring Pathways Square uses a mix of cable, shell and twist stitches to create this unique square. I made my square using stripes of colors. I didn’t even see the flower stitches until I saw Crochet Instict’s version. This stitch pattern would make a great scarf or shawl too!


Week 9: Belle’s Enchanted Garden Square from Tangerine Door & Sunset Knots

Pattern on Sunset Knots Blog      Pattern on Tangerine Door’s Blog

This week’s square is a collaboration from 2 great designers. This magical square is literally sprouting from the yarn. I am in love with the corner “leaf” stitches. Who knew you could turn a standard crocodile stitch into a 3D leaf. I also love the small flowers on the border. I made my square

  20190623_122157              20190623_122210


Week 10: Rip Tides Square from Rich Textures Crochet

raised ripple square

Rip Tides Square Pattern

Rich Textures Blog         Rich Textures on Facebook      Rich Textures on Instagram

This square creates a special texture using alternating post stitches. This square looks good in solid colors but looks amazing in alternating stripes. The color changes make the stitches pop.


Week 11: Phoenix Square from Stardust Gold Crochet

Phoenix Square Pattern

Stardust Gold Blog           Stardust Gold on Facebook       Stardust Gold on Instagram

We are almost done with the Patchwork Mystery Crochet Along. This week’s square is from Stardust Gold Crochet. The Phoenix square features layered, extended post and cluster stitches to create a unique textured piece.

I worked my square in three colors. I used the stitch pattern to create a blue flowers and green vines.



Week 12: Jacob’s Ladder Square from Jo’s Crafty Hook

Jacob’s Ladder Square Pattern

 Jo’s Crafty Hook on Instagram    Jo’s Crafty Hook on Facebook     Jo’s Crafty Hook Blog

This pattern uses cable stitches, similar to my design in week 2, to create a nice textured effect. I made my square in one solid color, but the pattern looks amazing in stripes, both vertical & horizontal. If I make this square again I would use multiple colors.


This conclude’s the weekly portion of the Patchwork Mystery Crochet Along. In a few days I will post my method of joining the squares and some pictures of my finished design.

Happy Hooking!!!

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