Week 3: Patchwork Mystery CAL – Twisted Times Square

This is the 3rd week of the Patchwork Mystery Crochet Along and this week’s square is from Courtney at Made with Love & Yarn. Her design features a flower center and X Post Stitches to create a stunning design. Please check out her sites and show her some love.

twisted times1

Made with Love & Yarn Blog

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twisted times2

Twisted Times Pattern on Blog

Twisted Times Pattern on Ravelry

I have crocheted several circles into squares before, but this is the first I have done that starts as a flower center and turns into a square. This design also features some special stitches to give a unique texture. The twisted increase stitch is a unique way to add in a stitch. It works the same as a regular increase but instead of just adding 2 stitches into 1 stitch from the previous row, you make 1 stitch then working in the same stitch, work the 2nd stitch behind and around the 1st stitch made. This creates a interesting yet subtle texture to your increase stitches.

The X Stitch is made by skipping 1 stitch, making a front post double crochet in the next stitch, then making a front post double crochet in the previously skipped stitch. The result is a textured stitch that pops. I recommend making this round in a contrasting color.


I loved making square, and there are are a few tricky spots. But take your time and watch this video from Sammie at Hook, Wine & Stitches.

Here are my versions of this week’s square:



For more information, help, or to share your squares join the Facebook Group: Patchwork Mystery CAL

Happy Hooking!!




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